Meeting the Crone

Meeting the Crone


Embracing the Crone


The Crone energies arise in our menstrual phase and in our post-menopause years. They are the pinnacle of

female spiritual awareness and of female completeness, love and peace. It is the Crone who is the centre of our menstrual cycles and who is the goal of every woman’s development.

The Crone is the mother of the stars, the mother of souls, and the holder of wisdom and of universal love.

Every month we touch her within us, and in every life she calls us to walk her path when our cycles stop and

our spiritual role begins.


This experiential workshop helps you to understand and work with the energies of the crone

throughout your natural cycle and beyond.

Suitable for:

This workshop is for all women, young and old, cyclic or not, who wish to:

• connect with the beautiful and profound Crone energies within themselves

• understand the Crone energies within the menstrual cycle

• know a little more about the Crone and her energies as they manifest in post-menopause life

You do not need to have a menstrual cycle to attend - the Crone energies are within all of us.

This is not a workshop specifically about menopause; when our bodies are changing during peri-menopause and early post-menopause we walk the transformational path of the Enchantress archetype. It is after our transformation that we embody the Crone energies.


One day.

Workshop content:

In this unique workshop Miranda welcomes you to the Crone energies by introducing you to the Crone in your menstrual cycle, the Crone in the seasons and the Crone in your life cycle.

 Discover the Crone and find out why she is so important for you if you wish to live a peaceful life in the modern world.

 Meet her in a beautiful story created and read by Miranda, and understand her role in the menstrual cycle.

 Receive a personal Crone Blessing from Miranda in a beautiful initiation where you will connect to the acceptance, completeness, love and gentleness of the Crone Mother. Bringthese qualities into your life through a monthly meditation, if you are cyclic, or through a daily meditation if you are menopausal.

 Access your Crone Soul to create your own individual ‘Voice of the Crone’ oracle cards to remind you of her wisdom in everyday life.

 Understand the Crone’s gifts to you and the beautiful spiritual awareness she offers us.

 Learn how to live in harmony with the Crone.

 Understand the path from Cyclic Woman to Crone.

This is a workshop about the Crone - who she is, what she brings to us and how we can embrace her gifts whatever our physical stage of life.

‘I am the darkness that holds you with love.

I am the wisdom, the strength and the wholeness that lies deep within you.

I am the one who is always there for you.’

Coinciding with the Summer Solstice, at dusk on the 23rd, I invite you to participate in the

"Circle of sisters Moon Mothers" that we will all do together on the beach.

It will be a magic circle sharing energy, laughter, music, the sea ... and the moon!

Where will the level 1 training take place?

For this occasion I have chosen the Sala Crisol, located very close to the Sagrada Familia and with a wonderful feminine energy. It is a spacious, bright, well air conditioned and very well connected.

Address: Carrer de Sardenya, nº229 2nd 3ª - 08013 Barcelona

How to get there: The nearest Metro station is Monumental (Line 2) which is 4 minutes walk away. It is also an 8 minute walk to the Sagrada Familia station (Line 5). If you come by car you can park without problem in any of the private garages around the room. On the street there is no free parking since it is blue zone and residents. I recommend you use public transportation.

Accommodation: Given the proximity to the Sagrada Familia, you will find several hotels, hostels and tourist accommodation (Airbnb) where you can find the option that best suits you. From the Organization we can not manage the accommodation but here are some so you can visit:

Hostal Ruta de Francia - Carrer de los Castillejos, 204 -

Bed and Bike Hostel - Carrer Diputació, 360 -

Hola Hostal Eixample - Carrer Napols, 149 -

SM Hotel Sant Antoni - Carrer del Consell de Cent, 476 -

Hotel Aranea - Carrer del Consell de Cent, 444 -

Eurostars Monumental Hotel - Carrer del Consell de Cent, 498 -

Other topics of interest:

  • The schedule of the two days will be from 9h to 18h approximately. If you have any special time needs, please let me know in advance.
  • This workshop will be taught in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.
  • The value of this workshop is € 150. You can reserve your place with an income of € 50 by bank transfer and the remaining € 100 to pay in cash on the first day of the workshop.This amount does not include accommodation or midday catering.
  • Once you make your reservation, the payment made will not be returned unless the Organization cancels the workshop. If you come from outside of Barcelona, ​​I recommend that you obtain your ticket with cancellation insurance for any incident that may arise.
  • Remember to bring your food since you will not be able to leave the premises to buy it. Also to bring one or several bottles of water.
  • If you have to stay, we recommend that you look in the webs as "Airbnb" or that you get in touch with other Moon Mothers in the city that may have accommodation.

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