Moon Animals Meditation

"Moon Animals" online meditation

with Miranda Gray

The purpose of these meditations is to bring women together to discover and explore

their authentic feminine energies, but more importantly,

to learn about their feminine energies in a deep and enjoyable way.

The Moon Goddess has traditionally been associated with animals, and each of us has our own spirit animals, or ‘Moon Animals’, associated with our womb energy centre through the image of the Womb Tree.

Our Moon Animals are our guides, our messengers from the Moon, and our Four Female Archetypes, to help us to flow with our cyclic energies and experience the spiritual, sensual, and creative energies of our femininity. When we desire to meet them, they respond to our call – and from the air and water, from the earth and forest, they come to us to guide us as we walk the spiralling path of our cycles.

Each animal brings its own wisdom and energy into our lives – sometimes just for the few days of the phase of our cycle or of the phase of the Moon, and sometimes to walk beside us for a life-time.

The Moon Animals help us to balance the light and the dark, the inner and outer, and to realise that our nature is made from both of these worlds. For example, the creatures of the sea teach us how to flow with our path, the otter shows us how to be playful, the owl enables us to see with intuition, and the unicorn teaches us the magical transformation of the spiralling path of our cycles and of the Moon’s cycles. Each animal brings something unique to our healing, and each animal works with different levels of our being.

This meditation is an adaptation of the meditation first published in the book ‘Red Moon’ by Miranda.  In the meditation you will meet your current Moon Animals and start a journey of discovery and delight with them.

Throughout your cycle you can connect to them for help and protection, and for wisdom and healing.

Moon Animals can have a very special role in a post-menopause woman’s life. As messengers from the archetypes, they move through our subconscious, helping us to reclaim the magic that lies within the archetypes and to feel the childlike excitement and joy of new mystical adventure and the promise of an amazing new life. Our Moon Animals walk alongside us, fly ahead of us, or even carry us as we walk the path of life change.

Who is it for?

  • Meditation and Blessing open to all women with or without cycle or womb.
  • Girls need to have had their first period.
  • Women who wish to continue growing spiritually and traveling the wonderful path of the Goddess.
  • It is not important to have meditation experience to participate - these meditations are intended for all levels of experience. Just relax and enjoy!

Take advantage of this great opportunity, YOU DESERVE IT!

Date: Friday 13th august 2021

Schedule: 8pm to 9:30/10pm approx. end (Spain time zone). Others time zone, click:

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Where: online by Zoom

Language: In English, with Spanish translation.

Cost:  15 Euros +commission/tax 


All proceeds will help keep all activities, newsletters, and the five annual worldwide Womb Blessings free for all. Thank you for your collaboration!

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