Moon Mother Level 2 Training Workshop

Level 2 Moon Mother® Training Workshop

Due to the exceptional health situation caused by the Covid-19, the workshops planned for the month of April are cancelled.

Miranda and me are waiting for how this pandemic evolves to set new dates for 2021.

Health and Blessings

Become a Level 2 Moon Mother® – Grow in your Divine Feminine energies and practices!

The journey of the Moon Mother® begins with the Moon Mother® Level 1 workshop, and in response to the request from Moon Mothers around the world who wanted to grow deeper in their path as a Moon Mother®, the Level 2 workshop was born.

This workshop will take you deeper into your personal spiritual path, expand your important work as a Moon Mother and guide you on a daily Moon Mother® path.

The Level 2 Moon Mother® initiation

The main focus of this workshop is the beautiful and powerful Level 2 Moon Mother® Initiation which raises your vibration further, connecting your energy centres to a high vibration of the love and light of the Divine Mother.

The Level 2 Womb Blessing® is a path of the evolution of our unique female nature through love into a new expression of our authentic femininity.

The Moon Mother® symbol

You will also be connected to the beautiful Moon Mother energy symbol which holds the vibration of the four female archetypes and can be used on yourself in three forms in everyday life – in Womb Blessings, Womb Healings and in the Worldwide Womb Blessing® – to enhance and quicken your awakening and healing.

The Womb Blessing® and men 

The Womb Blessing® cannot be given to men, so The Gift was born with the help of some amazing men. The Gift is designed specifically for Moon Mothers to give the energy of the Divine Feminine to men in order to receive her healing and validation and the awakening of their authentic masculinity.

More and more men are asking for The Gift, and couples are also receiving The Gift and the Womb Blessing® together as a way to deepen their relationship and love.

Level 2 Moon Mothers:   

1. Deepen their own spiritual growth and awakening through:

  • giving Level 2 Womb Blessing® attunements
  • using the Moon Mother® symbol on themselves for healing
  • making a Self-Blessing part of their spiritual practice
  • giving themselves Level 2 Womb Healings and Female Soul Healings

2. Build a loving relationship with the Divine Feminine

  • Creating a female sacred space for personal meditation.
  • Making a Womb Blessing® altar to follow their reflection of the pattern of Universal cycles.
  • Giving daily offerings to the Divine Feminine.
  • Following the Moon Mother path of daily meditations and activities in harmony with their cycle or the lunar cycle.

3. Help women to deepen their awakening, heal more quickly, and strengthen their connection to the Divine Feminine through giving the Level 2 Womb Blessing® attunement.

5. Help men and boys to awaken their authentic masculinity through The Gift.

6. Help men and women to rediscover the authentic relationship between male and female by receiving The Gift and the Womb Blessing® together.

7. Change the world by sharing the Level 2 Womb Blessing® energy and the Moon Mother® symbol in the Worldwide Womb Blessing®.

Moon Mother® Level 2 Training

Enjoy a loving, spiritual day of female energy work, new techniques and information, and meet other Moon Mothers to share experiences and make new friends.


  • Students need to be a Level 1 Moon Mother®.
  • Students are expected to know the Level 1 Womb Blessing® sequence and Level 1 Womb Healing sequence, and ideally should be giving regular Womb Blessings and Womb Healings and/or running regular Worldwide Womb Blessing® Groups.

Workshop schedule:

The workshop is an intense day of energy work and information, including:

  • Which Moon Mother® path are you walking? Introducing the different archetypal paths of being a Moon Mother®.
  • Level 2 Moon Mother® Initiation.
  • The three forms of the Moon Mother® symbol and how to use them.
  • How to create a sacred space to the Divine Feminine for your own meditation, for giving the Womb Blessing and for Worldwide Womb Blessing® groups.
  • How to create a Womb Blessing® altar to reflect the Cyclic Goddess and our reflection of her in our bodies. Permanent altars called ‘Moon Sanctuaries’ are being set up worldwide.
  • Making an energy offering to the Divine Feminine as a daily practice of personal connection.
  • How to give the Blessing to yourself with a Self-Blessing.
  • Learn how to give The Gift to men.
  • Female Soul Pattern Healing – introducing the Star and Chalice gateways to the Womb Healing, and healing all levels of the female soul’s expression through the archetypes.
  • Additional healing techniques – balancing the archetypal energy points, how to sense blocks, how to clear blocks, and using the symbol.

You will be empowered to offer:

  • Level 2 Womb Blessings.
  • Level 2 Womb Healings and Female Soul Healings.
  • The Gift for men.

You will receive:

  • Comprehensive manual.
  • Online access to additional information.
  • Level 2 Moon Mother® Certification.
  • Level 2 Moon Mother® listing on the official Womb Blessing website.
  • Level 2 Moon Mother® logo.


  • Give Womb Blessing® attunements, and give yourself the Womb Healing every day before the workshop, to help support the post-workshop birthing process.
  • It is suggested that students plan to have a few gentle days before and after the workshop to facilitate the birthing process.


For this occasion I have chosen the Mandala Center, located in the Lavapiés neighborhood, a very central, lively and multicultural area that runs along steep medieval streets full of lively Indian restaurants and old Spanish taverns.

With a wonderful feminine energy, the Mandala Center retains part of the charm of the 18th century. This is seen in the rooms, on their balconies, the high ceilings and wooden floors. It is a spacious, bright and very well connected venue.

For this training we will have three different spaces for our exclusive use: two rooms for training and another room to leave our things and eat in a relaxed, comfortable and relaxed way.

Address: Calle de la Cabeza, 15 2º Dcha - 28012 - Madrid


How to get there: The nearest Metro station is Tirso de Molina (Line 1) which is 150 ms., 2 minutes walking. If you come by car, I recommend that you leave it parked and go by public transport or taxi to the training room. Private parkings are somewhat far away and on the street it is almost impossible to park.

Accommodation: In this area there are a variety of accommodations, both hotels, hostels or tourist accommodation (Airbnb) where to find the option that best suits you. From the Organization we can not manage the accommodation but here are some so you can visit:

Other information of interest:

  • The schedule of the two days will be from 9h to 19h approximately. If you have any special time needs, please let me know in advance.
  • This workshop will be taught in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.
  • The value of this workshop is € 270. You can reserve your place with an income of € 100 by bank transfer and the remaining € 170 to pay in cash on the first day of the workshop.This amount does not include accommodation or midday catering.
  • Once you make your reservation, the payment made will not be returned unless the Organization cancels the workshop. If you come from outside of Madrid, ​​I recommend that you obtain your ticket with cancellation insurance for any incident that may arise.
  • A catering service (vegan with drink, bread and dessert) will be offered for the days of the workshop. The price will be about € 12 euros / day. In the case of not wanting catering service, you will have to bring your food since you will not be able to leave the premises to buy it. Remember also to bring one or several bottles of water.