Moon Mother Level 3 Training Workshop

Level 3 Moon Mother®

Training Workshop

Become a Level 3 Moon Mother® – Opening to Sacredness

Level 3 is a spiritual workshop that brings new Blessings into the world to help all women.

Our role as participants in this workshop is to be companions in women’s lives, supporting them to walk their path more easily and with goddess confidence and grace. To do this, we offer Blessings from the Divine Feminine to help women to live a goddess-centred path, to know peace in the turmoil of the modern world, and to feel the benefits of a goddess-empowered life.

As Level 3 Moon Mothers we act as the hands and heart of the goddess, weaving the Blessings to assist women in embodying the goddess and in living the life they wish to manifest. We act as a ‘weaver between the worlds’, connecting women to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Feminine to women through love and light.

These new Blessings are for women who are ready to embrace goddess spirituality. Not all women will be ready to validate the Divine Feminine; it is a journey where everyone takes their own time. In this workshop we will weave a Womb Blessing attunement to open women to their sacredness - it is a confirmation by a woman of her belonging to the goddess and of the goddess lying within her. We will also weave a Womb Blessing attunement to open women to the peace of their inner grounding, creating an inner refuge and sanctuary.

Four additional Womb Blessings offered in the workshop are attunements to the energies of the four female archetypes – a Maiden Blessing, a Mother Blessing, an Enchantress Blessing and a Crone Blessing. These Blessings help all women to embody these energies, to grow in awareness of them and to bring balance to them, but they can also be given with a specific focus to support something within a particular woman or within her life. For example, a Blessing for strength, for a partner, for a new job or a Blessing for a child, or for last menstruation.

To walk this path of expanding service and higher vibration, we need to deepen our grounding in the Earth Mother and in her field of love and healing in order to be a strong and centred channel for these energies. Embraced by the Earth Mother field, we channel her love and healing in simple everyday blessings for ourselves and for others, wherever we are and whatever we are doing. In this way we live a conscious goddess-life.

This is a spiritual workshop. It requires students to be respectful, gentle, loving and kind throughout the workshop and to act as ‘priestesses’ – weavers of the goddess energy and channels of the presence of the Divine Mother.

The energy work continues after the workshop as the energies from the attunements ground within the participants over a period of five months. Students are asked to be gentle with themselves, particularly in their first Rebirth month.


  • Level 2 Moon Mother
  • Working with the level 2 symbols in her life and practical experience of giving the Level 2 Womb Blessing and Level 2 Womb Healing.
  • At least three months since her Moon Mother 2 training.
  • A heart-felt desire to actively help women through goddess-centred Blessings
  • Knowledge of the four female archetypes, either through Miranda’s books or from the Red Moon workshop taught by Miranda or by one of her authorised workshop facilitators.


  • White clothing (with gold if they wish)
  • Notebook and pen
  • Womb Bowls
  • Water
  • Lunch
  • Mats etc. if required.


  • Roses – actual flowers, images of roses, statues of roses
  • Their Mother Bowl
  • Their Prayer Cord if they have one.
  • Any items for the altar (anything welcome)

Where will the level 1 training take place?

For this occasion I have chosen the Sala Crisol, located very close to the Sagrada Familia and with a wonderful feminine energy. It is a spacious, bright, well air conditioned and very well connected.

Address: Carrer de Sardenya, nº229 2nd 3ª - 08013 Barcelona

How to get there: The nearest Metro station is Monumental (Line 2) which is 4 minutes walk away. It is also an 8 minute walk to the Sagrada Familia station (Line 5). If you come by car you can park without problem in any of the private garages around the room. On the street there is no free parking since it is blue zone and residents. I recommend you use public transportation.

Accommodation: Given the proximity to the Sagrada Familia, you will find several hotels, hostels and tourist accommodation (Airbnb) where you can find the option that best suits you. From the Organization we can not manage the accommodation but here are some so you can visit:

Hostal Ruta de Francia - Carrer de los Castillejos, 204 -

Bed and Bike Hostel - Carrer Diputació, 360 -

Hola Hostal Eixample - Carrer Napols, 149 -

SM Hotel Sant Antoni - Carrer del Consell de Cent, 476 -

Hotel Aranea - Carrer del Consell de Cent, 444 -

Eurostars Monumental Hotel - Carrer del Consell de Cent, 498 -


Coinciding with the Summer Solstice, at dusk on the 23rd, I invite you to participate in the

"Circle of sisters Moon Mothers" that we will all do together on the beach.

It will be a magic circle sharing energy, laughter, music, the sea ... and the moon!

Something exciting is always going on in Spain's incredible city of Barcelona, and it's especially festive for those who plan your stay to coincide with June 23-24, 2019. That's when the official observance of the Feast of Sant Joan takes place, and all of Barcelona comes out during this time to welcome the beginning of a brand new season of summer with numerous celebrations throughout the city and something fun found around every corner. It's one of Barcelona's best party weekends of the year.

About the Feast of Sant Joan

This celebration takes place each year during the Summer Solstice, which boasts both the longest day of the entire year and the shortest night. It's a significant holiday in Catalan history because it represents the time that the sun is at its highest point, and that is important because the sun is looked upon as a strong symbol of both wealth and fertility. Also, the celebrations were held to strengthen the sun with the many fireworks and bonfires so that the people would be better blessed with more children and more health. Traditionally, this is also the time of the year that people believe that the sea water and any herbs planted in the area have magical healing properties, so feel free to join in these rituals with the locals.

Ways to Celebrate

The celebrations are held throughout the night on Sunday, and you'll have no trouble finding your way to the party. Street parties are absolutely everywhere with great bonfires and plenty of dancing, traditional foods, and you'll only need to follow your eyes and ears to find the many displays of fireworks. Most of the Catalan population refers to this night as the Night of Fire, and visitors are encouraged to join in. Stands selling fireworks pop up all over the city, and you're welcome to purchase your own fireworks to bring to the party or for your own celebration.

At the Beach

One of the best spots for celebrating Sant Joan is at Barceloneta Beach, but you'll need to show up early if you want a spot because it fills up extremely fast. Many people arrive in the early afternoon with a picnic lunch to see them through the night, and musicians and drummers show up as the day goes on to provide the crowd with some incredible live music before night falls and the fireworks begin. The bonfire at Barceloneta Beach is always among the biggest in the city as is the fireworks show.

Other information of interest:

  • The schedule of the two days will be from 8: 45h to 19h approximately. If you have any special time needs, please let me know in advance.
  • This workshop will be taught in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.
  • The value of this workshop is € 270. You can reserve your place with an income of € 100 by bank transfer and the remaining € 170 to pay in cash on the first day of the workshop.This amount does not include accommodation or midday catering.
  • Once you make your reservation, the payment made will not be returned unless the Organization cancels the workshop. If you come from outside of Barcelona, ​​I recommend that you obtain your ticket with cancellation insurance for any incident that may arise.
  • A catering service (vegetarian or free gluten, drink, bread and dessert) will be offered for the days of the workshop. The price will be about € 12 euros / day. In the case of not wanting catering service, you will have to bring your food since you will not be able to leave the premises to buy it. Remember also to bring one or several bottles of water.
  • If you have to stay, we recommend that you look in the webs as "Airbnb" or that you get in touch with other Moon Mothers in the city that may have accommodation.