Opening to empowerment distant Womb Blessing

"Opening to Empowerment"

distant Womb Blessing

with Miranda Gray

Personal Level 3 Distant Womb Blessings from Miranda

The Divine Feminine carries in her white light all the colours of the rainbow – all the energies of the archetypes that are an expression of her being. An Archetype Womb Blessing focuses on one specific archetype’s vibration to restore the levels of the archetypes within us and to awaken aspects of the archetype that have been disconnected, blocked, repressed or are dormant. We all have aspects of our archetypes that are not yet part of who we are, and the Archetype Womb Blessings are a powerful way for us to consciously connect with the archetype within ourselves and within our cycles and bring Her unique gifts out into the world to become part of who we are.

The Maiden Archetype Womb Blessing brings us joy and hope, new energy, and new beginnings. She helps us to step out of our old self, appear renewed, and once more experience purity. She makes everything possible, removing doubt and self-criticism from our mind to replace it with self-belief, positive thoughts, self-confidence, and an excitement for life and for the future. Like the melting snow our blocks dissolve in her increasing energy, and like the Spring flowers our heart, our mind, and our womb open to new experiences. Like the first warm breeze of Spring, she brings into the world the scent of distant horizons, of expanded thoughts, and the excitement and anticipation of growing.

The Maiden Womb Blessing awakens aspects of her shining energy that have been hidden or asleep in our lives so that we can step out and enjoy sharing her gifts with the world.

Whatever our age, whether or not we have a womb, the Maiden makes us feel like a young girl again!

The Womb Blessing is wonderful to receive when you want to step into new beginnings and have motivation and new dreams for the future. In the Rebirth month, the Maiden energies will flow through each phase, bringing her energies to balance each archetype – helping to lift stagnation from your menstruation, remove aggression from the pre-menstrual phase, eliminate over-sacrificing of yourself from the ovulation phase, and bringing gentleness to an over-dominant ego in the pre-ovulation phase.

At the end of Rebirth, you may be aware of feeling more positive in all your phases, and more balanced and positive.

Post-menopause women may experience aspects of your younger self that you had long forgotten, a freedom to become more childlike in your appreciation of the world, and freedom from the constraints of adult responsibilities.

You may like to have an image or an object to represent the Maiden as a focus for this Womb Blessing.

Who is it for?

  • Meditation and Blessing open to all women with or without cycle or womb.
  • Girls need to have had their first period.
  • Women who wish to continue growing spiritually and traveling the wonderful path of the Goddess.
  • It is not important to have meditation experience to participate - these meditations are intended for all levels of experience. Just relax and enjoy!

Take advantage of this great opportunity, YOU DESERVE IT!

Date: Friday 4th june 2021

Schedule: 8pm to 9:30/10pm approx. end (Spain time zone). Others time zone, click:

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Where: online by Zoom

Language: In English, with Spanish translation.

Cost:  25 Euros +commission/tax


All proceeds will help keep all activities, newsletters, and the five annual worldwide Womb Blessings free for all. Thank you for your collaboration!

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