Red Moon Oracle

Red Moon Oracle

one-day workshop

in Barcelona

Using the Red Moon Oracle cards for wellbeing and life balance

Within each woman lie four amazing, beautiful, magical, and creative female archetypes. Each archetype is an expression of the Cyclic Goddess – the Divine Feminine expressing herself through the cycles of the Universe, the Moon, and the Earth – and through the menstrual cycle of women. We each hold the Divine Feminine within us, and we each have access to her wisdom, her guidance, her gifts, and her healing.

The Red Moon Oracle deck is a beautiful way for us to connect to our inner archetype goddesses, and to receive their guidance and gifts. By reading the cards we can explore the magical energies within us and take action to promote wellbeing and to bring balance to our cyclic nature and lives so that we can enjoy the amazing gifts of being a woman!

The cards can be read as simple message cards – but in this workshop Miranda takes us deeper into the symbolism of the cards and into the energies that lie within them so that we can read the cards in spreads designed to be used for ourselves and for other women.

In this practical workshop you will learn:

  • How the cards represent the Cyclic Goddess in her three forms.
  • The symbolism in the card images – so you can use this information to bring deeper understanding to the card spreads.
  • How to read a card for yourself.
  • How to read an expanded ‘Cycle Spread’ exploring the voice of the archetype in your menstrual cycle phase, revealing her needs and desires, and discovering the gifts that she brings you.
  • How to read a ‘Life Balance Spread’ that asks the archetypes for their guidance on creating wellbeing for your mind, body, emotions, spirit, and life-path.
  • Using the cards to create a personal and changing altar to the Cyclic Goddess and a monthly feminine meditation journey.

Practical exercises: Students will be guided through reading each spread, and then will practise reading the spreads online in pairs.

Beginners:  Every woman knows in her body the cycle of archetypes, so reading the Red Moon Oracle cards is accessible to complete beginners as well as those more experienced in using oracle cards.

Women with Red Moon knowledge: The card spreads expand on the ideas in the booklet that accompanies the Red Moon Oracle deck, and for students who already have some knowledge of Red Moon and its teaching the spreads become a very empowering tool to bring the wisdom and energies of the archetypes into their lives for positive change.

Therapists: Red Moon Oracle card spreads are ideal for any therapist working with women, for women’s group facilitators, Red Tent facilitators, Moon Mothers, and Moon Mother Mentors.

The cards add a uniquely female aspect to any form of healing, self-development, or coaching.

Certification: This is a certified workshop.

Requirements: To take part in the practical exercises, students will need to have their own deck to work with. If you don’t have a deck, you can observe other participants.

Teacher Miranda Gray is an experienced card reader. She is the illustrator for two published Tarot decks, and is the author and illustrator for the animal oracle deck ‘The Beasts of Albion’ republished in English in 2021

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Date: Friday 26th may 2023

Schedule: 10am to 5pm approx. end

Where: Barcelona (Spain)

Language: In English, with Spanish translation.

Price: 150 Euros +commission /tax,


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